<![CDATA[Therapeutic Energy for Animals - Blog]]>Sat, 26 Dec 2015 17:35:44 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Kitty Talk´╗┐]]>Sat, 26 Dec 2015 18:28:22 GMThttp://www.jktea.com/blog/kitty-talkOne of my recent Communication and treatments was with an older cat, Bat Baby, who has been my friend/client for many years. Bat showed me how easy it was to solve her "Hair raising mystery" or maybe I should say hair losing mystery:) In the past Bat has had some skin and itching problems, licking and hot spots so she asked for my Hot Spot blend
of hydrosols to soothe her skin. This worked for quite some time but then she started having the problems again only this time she was losing some hair too.

As I did my assessment of what was going on, she told me it was something new in the house, it felt very chemically and Bat confirmed that it was chemical related. So I asked her if she could spell one word that would tell her human and I what exactly it was that was bothering her. She said yes so she began spelling out (through the use of my pendulum)  T....O...W...E...L The word towel gave me some more questions to ask, is it a new towel somewhere in the house? On the bed, in her crate? Bat said yes so I called her human to ask her if she had just put a new towel out for Bat somewhere and she confirmed that she had put a towel on the bed for her. I told her  that Bat had spelled out the word towel and that she didn't like it because of some chemical on it, her human gasped and said "FABREZE"  She said that she had treated the towel with Fabreze. Well Bat Baby hated it, I figure most animals would hate it if asked and I certainly can't stand the stuff myself. Her human felt bad, but quickly got rid of the nasty chemicals and washed the offending towel!

Bat Baby asks you all to please consider getting rid of all of the chemical products that can cause your animal friends health problems and replace them with more environmentally, human and animal friendly products for fewer allergy, skin and other detrimental health reactions. Thank you Bat Baby for your one word of wisdom:)]]>